Guided to share this property due to its magical way of growing trees and plants at an accelerated rate.

About Gail

Gail’s home is here on the Six Nations of the Grand River First Nation.

Her mother’s bloodline extends back many generations as a Bear Clan (shaking the rattle) woman of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy. Her father was Mohawk, Turtle Clan, and she also honours her father’s grandfather who traveled to this land from Ireland and brought with him Celtic roots.

Gail is proud to be Kanienkehaka (Mohawk).

Gail feels the power of this sacred land pulsing through her blood. “Our story here on turtle island is expressed in an oral tradition, passed through generations. The deep history steeped in rich culture. Our ancestors survived many changes and challenges but retain that deep connection to the land and spiritual knowledge.” Gail is a Medicine Woman with original instructions to support all peoples on their journey.

Gail is a mother of 5 children and 15 grandchildren who are connected to their cultural ways and she is proud to see them walk their path. Being born into the bear clan family means a path of healing and medicine and so she walks this path proudly and is delighted that she has created little bears to follow!
Generations have carried a great burden over the past few hundred years. Her Six Nations community struggles with many issues and if there is a way to uplift our hearts and souls, then it is our responsibility to accept the challenge of providing what we can.

Gail is a Traditional Healer, Medicine Knowledge Keeper, Pipe Carrier, and much more. “Together with the heartbeat of ceremony and love, our people can breathe in the essence of unity and peace.”

Ancestral Voices Healing Centre | Founder

Grandmothers Circle the Earth | Co Founder

Sacred Sites Sacred Journeys | Founder

Land of the Dancing Deer | Founder

Grandmothers Voice | Co Founder

Land of the Dancing Deer

25 years ago, Gail Whitlow (Ka:dine), had a vision for this land. Gail is the Steward – owner of the Land of the Dancing Deer. Gail has been guided to share this property due to its magical way of growing trees and plants at an accelerated rate.

Gail knew she was being called to create an important healing space for her people and for the Human Nation and believes that we are to honour our original instructions. She would lean in on the feminine and the Sisters of the Dancing Deer were born.

Ceremonial energy has been revealed through spiritual visions and connections with sacred beings. Gail and TaTa Victor Lopez SacBe Mayan Council of Toronto, Mayan fire ceremony leader witnessed a powerful experience that would be life changing. The name for the land was made manifest through a deeply powerful experience on the property. On a walk, a deer was seen springing up on its hind legs dancing. It was an exquisite moment frozen in time. This signified the perfect location for Mayan fire ceremony. All of the spiritual and practical elements fell into place through this sacred deer. The Collaboration with the Mayan Traditions over these last 15 years, demonstrates a prophecy of over 2,000 years at play, The Reunion of the Eagle and the Condor.

For the last 25 years, Gail has been connecting people with the land to bring this healing vision to life. The Land is located at 1208 Third Line, Ohsweken, Ontario, Six Nations of the grand River and it is currently accessible from behind the school.

Business Structure

Land of the Dancing Deer is working within a social enterprise model. 

Our healing centre and wellness resort support our nonprofit organization which runs the sacred residential healing centre for those struggling and in need of deeper support. LODD will provide employment and training opportunities for youth in the community.

Clients We Serve

The Land of The Dancing Deer is looking to serve both local
and international clients

Local & Global

The Sustainable Wellness Resort, Residential Healing Centre and Sacred Healing Centre will attract customers from across Canada, and around the world looking for the opportunity to relax, retreat, improve their health and wellbeing and engage with traditional Indigenous culture and wisdom.

Indigenous & Non-Indigenous People

The Residential Healing Centre will serve both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people who have recently overcome trauma, addiction, or mental health and are looking to anchor into their new lifestyles. They will deepen their healing through land-based programs. It is a place for all to heal through body, mind and spirit.