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sacred fire

Sacred Mayan Fire Ceremonies

Join us on the Land of the Dancing Deer every Solstice & Equinox.

ALL ARE WELCOME! Children of all ages are warmly welcome.
Every Solstice, the Sisters of the Dancing Dear host Tata Victor and Nana Esperenza. Tata Victor’s title is “Ajqijab.” He has been a Mayan spiritual guide & Day Keeper since Nov. 2000. Trained in Guatemala as an Ambassador of Mayan Healing Medicines and Traditions, Tata has led hundreds of Ceremonies in both North & South America.

Event location:

The school address is: 1208 Third Line. Ohsweken, Ontario. Six Nations Reserve.
We are permitted to park in the school lot. The land is BEHIND the school. The land is a short hike from the parking lot, and is not accessible for mobility devices.

2 white candles to honor your Ancestors. You may bring as many as you wish.

Woman are requested to wear skirts To respect Indigenous protocol. (over pants is fine.)

NB: Smoking on the property, with the exception of Sacred Pipe, is not permitted.

You are encouraged to bring offerings of flowers, cacao beans, dark chocolate, white copal, puros, (pure tobacco cigars) organic cornmeal, dried organic herbs of rosemary, cedar, rue, sage, lavender, cinnamon, organic honey, and Florida water to give to the Elders to help with the Ceremony. These are sacred symbols of deep respect to our Fire Keeper Tata Victor, a gift to the Fire and Pachamamma, (Mother Earth) and help to bring favor of the sacred Nawales. (The elements of Creation.)

This is an outdoor event. Sometimes the terrain is muddy. Please dress accordingly, wear trekking shoes, sunscreen and bug spray (preferably natural) if you choose. Some people like to bring an umbrella to shade themselves from the sun. Please bring your own folding chair or a ground cover, and your own drinking water in an eco-friendly container.

ALL Offerings to the Sacred Fire must be cleared through Tata Victor first, to be cleansed according to Mayan tradition. Throughout the Ceremony we watch the fire, note how strongly it blazes, and in which direction the flames move. Through the Fire, you may obtain signs and omens.

You may bring hand drums and rattles.

Donation of $20.00 is suggested.  This is a not-for-profit event. The money is for Elders travel and expenses. Please consider donating to help those who are financially burdened. No one is ever turned away for lack of funds.