Land of the Dancing Deer is a healing village within land lased traditions and a village is made of a community. The base of Indegenious culture is a healthy community and Gail is a leader in creating partnerships knowing that community is everything in support a collective and each other on our journey.

Land of the Dancing Deer has two important partnerships that weave us all into grandmother spiders beautiful web.

Ancestral Voices Healing Center

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Ancestral Voices Healing Centre is located on the Six Nations territory and has been in operation since 2007

It is a unique blend of modern, drug free alternative practitioners and Traditional Native Healing practitioners.
The Great Law of Peace or the “Good Mind” is a powerful concept that is simply a “Way of Life” that helps one to live in harmony and balance with ourselves, family , friends, communities and the world with our Mother, the Earth.

It is the dream of this centre to offer choices in our personal self healing that reflect that balance. All nations of humans are welcome at any time.

Grandmothers Voice

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Grandmothers are the original Earth Walkers who guide, direct, model, and protect culture for the coming faces. Grandmothers have preserved the core principles of peace, power and righteousness. They strengthen communities and nations through reclaiming identity, rebuilding relationships and remembering our Original Instructions. Resurgence in Indigenous Ways of Knowing is our pathway to healing as a community and nation. Reclaiming, restoring culture, land, language, holistic health and well-being is the pathway to self-determination

Grandmothers Voice is as a body of unified Indigenous people creating a safe, secure community that advances education, knowledge, understanding of Indigenous cultures and practices. All individuals, corporations, organizations in public, private and non-profit sectors are welcome to stand shoulder to shoulder with Indigenous Peoples. It is by sharing the knowledge of the Ancestors and their offerings that we discover a new kind of HOPE.

HOPE – How our People Educate is through our Hands Out-reaching Peoples Equity. This serves not only the Original People of our Nation but assists all people and contributes to the self-determination of Indigenous people’s path to the Good Life.

Divine Roots | Truth And Reconciliation

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We invite you to become familiar with the land of where you reside – even if it is not the land of where you were born.  Become familiar with any treaties that may exist that identify where your home is, and most importantly begin to understand who the original stewards were.  The original Ancestors of that land – whether you are in an urban highrise in Singapore, a suburb in the UK or a cabin in the woods in northern Alberta – when we understand where we live, we come into relation with the Earth and her original peoples.

The world has been colonized over, and yet we still have an opportunity to support each other and the Indigenous peoples of today and stand in sacred allyship – this is how we heal as a collective.

This is how we step into the prayer of Unity.

Divine Roots is committed to maintaining this page with constant resources to help understand and to support anyone, especially Canadians, in understanding the TRUTH  in the history of this land and its original peoples.

Many did not learn this in school and only now is the true history being shared, and so Divine Roots believe it is our role – especially if we live in North America and are not of Indigenous descent, to bear witness,  unlearn, listen and learn.

The Global Institute for Conscious Economics

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The Global Institute for Conscious Economics is a forum dedicated to economic sustainability. Through world-class events, they promote thoughtful dialogue to reshape the future of business, education, and politics around the globe. Their mandate is to awaken global leaders to the benefits of consciousness and validate the link between mindfulness and economic prosperity.